Science, Sexuality, and (In)Security Roundtable Event

The SJI team is grateful for the enthusiastic participation in Friday, February 28th Science, Sexuality, and (In)Security Roundtable Event!

For those who missed the event, want a refresher, or would like to share it with their students and colleagues: here is the link to the webcast of the SJI program:

In addition, David Michalski, MLS. Ph.D. of the Peter J. Shields Library has established a Social Justice Initiative: Resources and Research site.

“This site supports the UC Davis Mellon Research Initiative “Social Justice, Culture, and (In)Security” by providing a guide to research into both the area of social justice, and on how to conduct research in service of social justice movements.”  Please pass on the link to your students, colleagues, and communities. The second tab is directly connected to this event.

Go to Events Schedule on this site to find additional information such as biographies of key speakers.

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