“The Revolution Can Be Funded! Fundraising Strategies for Social Justice in the Americas”

Dear Social Justice Community:

We are very grateful to Dr. Liza Grandia, of the Native American Studies Department, for her insightful and quite brilliant workshop on Fundraising Strategies for Social Justice in the Americas!

It is safe to say that every participant in the room appreciated the interactive nature of the workshop, as well as the depth of the fundraising strategies and vision Dr. Grandia presented.  Using her 20 years of experience in working with Indigenous communities in Guatemala and Belize, Liza showed us how “Fundraising is social change work!”  Key elements of the discussion were the importance of cultivating relationships with donors/foundations, the need to do diligent research on potential funders, awareness of what your goals and activities are in relation to one’s budget, as well as putting forward an articulate and memorable story about your research as part of a funding proposal.

Liza offered a wealth of key resources as well as “golden nuggets,” some of which we will work to share on the SJI website. Needless to say, two hours was not sufficient time to cover the wealth of this material. We are in discussion with Dr. Grandia to do a follow-up workshop or series of workshops for interested faculty, students, staff and community members.  Please check back for more details.

In Solidarity,

SJI Team

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